Demonstrate Abilities - Get Certified 

Certifications is a good way of knowing that a person is Qualified and is actually Capable of doing what they say they can do.

Certifications and Assessments

IAAA Global certifications help people to demonstrate both qualification and capability. 

WinSpire is a Accredited Service Provider for IAAA (International Assessments and Accreditation Alliance)

Global Certifications

  • 109 Certifications 

  • Training and Self study route 

  • Innovative approach  

  • Many certifications are launched first time

  • Latest certifications for emerging technologies like Blockchain, IOT and R-programming


  • Agile Organization (AGOR L1 to L3) 

  • Transformed Testing Practice (TTP L1 to L4) 

  • Startup Assessments (06) 

  • Project Surveillance

Transformation Programs

  • Agile Transformation Program (A revolutionary framework to transform into Agile way of working)

  • Testing Transformation Program (An innovative approach which eliminates the challenges of current frameworks) 

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