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Certifications and Assessments

Certifications is a good way of knowing that a person is Qualified and is actually Capable of doing what they say they can do. 


IAAA Global certifications help people to demonstrate both qualification and capability. 

Winspire is a Accredited Service Provider for IAAA (International Assessments and Accreditation Alliance)

Global Certifications

  • 109 Certifications 

  • Training and Self study route 

  • Innovative approach  

  • Many certifications are launched first time

  • Latest certifications for emerging technologies like Blockchain, IOT and R-programming


  • Agile Organization (AGOR L1 to L3) 

  • Transformed Testing Practice (TTP L1 to L4) 

  • Startup Assessments (06) 

  • Project Surveillance

Transformation Programs

  • Agile Transformation Program (A revolutionary framework to transform into Agile way of working)

  • Testing Transformation Program (An innovative approach which eliminates the challenges of current frameworks) 

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