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Employee Engagement

Engaged employees hold the key for driving Business Excellence.

A recent Gallup survey shows that almost 31% - 40% of employees are actively disengaged or are not engaged.

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Transform the way you engage with your employees and supercharge their performance



  • Share the right information to spread knowledge

  • Distribute high quality content under different streams 

  • Use different modes to share information like videos, cards etc... 


  • Support sharing of information using the right technology

  • "TeamStreamZ" mobile platform ensures sharing is focused 

  • Robust analytics engine helps to easily monitor progress


  • Build the right mindset, attitude and behavior in employees

  • Target the right audience and empower them to take control of their own competence and development

  • Assess, measure and monitor, performance and improvements 




Engagement is building a strong sense of belonging to the organization, a sense of ownership and progress by providing training's and tools to enhance productivity


Is the approach we use to build a robust road-map and come up with an engagement plan

We help our customers  build a Robust Engagement road-map aligned to Business excellence parameters

Leaders play a key role in engaging with the people to build the mindset, attitude and behavioral competencies for driving business excellence, based on the engagement plan

Linkedin - 2019 Workplace Learning Report states: 

"94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development"



WinSpire applied design thinking principles to identify gaps and helped improve our business excellence score by more than 35% over a period of 7-8 months

- Leading Software Service Provider

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