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Focused content deployment

Focused content leads to high engagement

WinSpire creates and deploys content based on needs assessment.
This ensures a personal touch and a feeling of being valued in employees. 

"90% of the retention happens through active engagement and focused content aligned to individual needs."


Content is deployed under different streams to build employee competence and capabilities.

Find the different streams under which WinSpire deploys content.


Content to build leadership mindset


Content to understand and drive innovation 


Content to build behavioral skills and competency

Self Development

Content for self motivation and self-introspection



Content to improve overall communication skills


Content to improve thinking skills 

Case Studies

Learn from how others have done it

Audio Video

Inspiring and engaging videos 


Team building, interactive skills and group dynamics

Sales Engagement

Information related to your products and services

Tools and Techniques

Content to improve productivity and efficiency

Social Integration

Integrate with facebook and twitter

And many more value added streams to transform the way you engage with your employees...

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