Innovation for anyone

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Innovation and Design Thinking is for anyone willing to change their mindset.

We can conduct a design thinking workshop for anyone in the organization to learn how to use design methods in order to innovate how they work and what they create.

  • Introduce your employees to the "DESIGN THINKING" process.


  • Help them build the right mindset, use tools and techniques to find solutions to address the needs and requirements of your Customers.


  • Get hands-on experience with the different methods and tools used in DESIGN THINKING 

Apply Design Thinking To Any Challenge

When people think of design they often think of aesthetics such as form, or tangible objects like the design of a beautiful chair. But design thinking as a process can have a much broader impact and you can use it to solve for all kinds of challenges related to products, spaces, services, and systems





Whatever may be the challenge the approach and process for finding solutions remains the same. It is only the solution and team that will change  

WinSpire's Human Centric Design Model 

Design Space - Give air to your imagination

Solution Space - Check feasibility and Business value

Design Thinking - Apply the iterative process end-to-end

Design Thinking Spaces

Design thinking is the interplay between diverging activities of opening up the problem and solution space and converging activities of synthesizing and selecting for achieving Iterative alignment

Design Space

  • Intuitive

  • Problem identification and framing

  • Not fully verbalized 

  • Problem observe and understand

  • Synthesize Points of View

Iterative Alignment

  • Problem-reframing

  • Idea generation and prioritization

  • Value proposition

  • Desirability, Feasibility and Viability

  • Learning and continous improvement

Solution Space

  • Prototyping

  • Testing of Assumptions

  • Business Value proposition

  • MVP roadmapping

Design Thinking Phases


During DISCOVER we will

  • Understand the problem or opportunity its scope and affected stakeholders

  • Draft Problem statement to identify the real issue we are trying to solve

  • Research existing literature if anything is already known

  • Identify unknowns and plan to find answers for them

  • Understand end users attitudes, needs and experiences

  • Derive insights and identify opportunities for solution design

  • Communicate insights to team and stakeholders

  • Build team based on individuals knowledge, abilities and interest 


During DEFINE we will

  • Generate lots of ideas in collaboration with users

  • Evaluate and prioritize ideas 

  • Reframe the Problem statement if required using user feedback

  • Generate Journey maps to show how the process flows

  • Assess whether concepts are desirable, feasible and viable


During DEVELOP we will

  • Create prototypes and test assumptions

  • Plan how solution will be rolled out

  • Define metrics for benchmarking solution's performance

  • Enter detailed design phase to determine how the solution will be developed

Attend Our Workshops

  • Human Centric Approach to Design Thinking

  • Ideation Workshop

  • Innovation 360 degrees - Understand what innovation is all about

  • Implementing Workplace innovation

  • Build the Creative Mindset

  • Design Thinking through Case studies

  • The Art of Story telling  

We can also customize programs after understanding your needs and objectives better  

Take our Design Thinking Assessment Survey to identify the gaps in the mindset required for Design thinking. 

Workshop Outcome

  • Human Centered approach to Design Thinking

  • Behaviours and Mindset for Design Thinking

  • Design Thinking process and Model

  • Tools and techniques used for Design Thinking

  • Applying Design Thinking process to complex problems or opportunities

  • Team composition, how to plan and manage projects using Design Thinking

Create your own toolkit

Contact WinSpire for conducting a 90 min. webinar for getting employees conversant with Design Thinking 

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