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WinSpire's innovative mobile-based learning platform empowers employees with knowledge "ANYWHERE" and "ANYTIME".

74% of employees use mobiles, to access resources they need, to do their jobs.


Know immediately what modules are available for engagement. Make learning convenient and flexible

Move easily between cards. Know which cards have been read and which are still unread.

Follow up on training progress ensuring the success of the training program. Enhance learner engagement and interaction. 


Time and Effectiveness

  • Less admin effort and time spent in class room

  • More time for value added activities and on-the-job

  • Better analytics for better decisions

Speed and Agility

  • Ease of deployment to the right target audience

  • New content immediately available

  • Bit sized cards for agile learning

Quality and Security

  • High Quality readily available or customized content

  • Mandatory and compliance training's

  • Secure environment ensures data protection

Cost Efficiency

  • Better ability to leverage scale of reach

  • Less operational costs

  • More time spent on ensuring customer satisfaction 

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